Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Projects Beware~ I've lost count...

So I have been on this kick of clearing out, cleaning up, fixing all the things that are broke, repairing, and updating the things needed. One of the projects I took on was giving Tatum's room a more mature look. You saw where recently I fixed her broken ceiling fan ( and changed it from the ugly white to the matching cherry wood ) and I think that got the wheels turning in my head to do this.

We actually had just redone her room when she turned 13. But I guess I didn't realize how many fazes a girl goes through growing up. There is a stage there between kitty cat sheets and preteen to the now mature look. When we did this 3 years ago, I honestly thought it would last her, but now that I see the woman she is becoming, I understand it was still too little girl.
Look at that still little bean!

Her walls were a soft blue and I painted them a cream that matched the border of her bedspread. We got the bedding and curtains from JCPennys.
Her trophey corner is still filled to the brim:)

A new mirror from Hobby Lobby...hung by daddy.

We are both thrilled with the results!