Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am a Theta Mom

Samantha over at Apple Juice and Milk tagged me because she thinks I am a Theta Mom. Theta stands for a true, authentic mom. Gosh...thanks Sam:)

I am suppose to list 5 experiences that have helped shaped me into being a Theta Mom...

1. One I would have to say is being a true authentic mom is not for the faint of heart. You don't get time outs. Point being proved is when everyone is sick. Others have buckled under the pressure of ummm...dying from let's say the stomach flu (not naming any names here honey), and you feel just as bad. You just know though that you have to peel your head off the pillow and pull it together to be the one to mop up the puke and take care of a sick child.

2. when you make Christmas morning. Plan, spend, bake, buy, wrap, decorate, drive, make, create, and hope all so that one morning is magical for them.

3. you realize how deep down your parents must have loved and invested in you.

4. you can sleep on a quarter of an inch of bed with two kids, one snoring husband, and a meowing cat that wants out of the basement.

5. you can pick somebody's booger, wipe somebody's butt, cook dinner, stop a small explosion from happening (boys!), answer the phone, and feed the pets all without batting an eye.

There you have it! My thrown together list:)

Now...I have to find some Theta Moms of my own to pass this award on to...

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Have fun Ladies!!