Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

OH, How grateful I am to feel the sweep of my fingers over the keyboard again!

I have spent the last few days in a haze of sickness. Summer and I both had head colds all last week, but by Friday they took hold into their own animal. Summer's started spiking into fevers, and I started a level of coughing that I didn't know was possible. I literally slept clutching a jar of Vick's up to my face all night. Slathering it on me wasn't good enough. I. Couldn't. Get. Air. By Sunday and no sleep in 2 nights, and a baby that just cried non stop and wanted to be held only by me (who felt like she was on death's bed) I gave in and gave her back her pacifier and drove myself to Urgent Care. The next day I took her.
We both have respiratory infections and got antibiotics. I got cough med with codeine, and some other kind of "pearl" med that cuts down all the mucus. We finally both got some sleep last night. Summer thank goodness is back without her pacifier, and I can feel us productive coughing now, and not painful coughing. Her fever is broken.
Mike and the kids are surviving without us. They are troopers. Hope to be back on my game soon. Miss you all!

P.S~ My Button now has a code! It is on the side bar below:)