Saturday, November 7, 2009


Last night I went to my trial Zumba class. It is a mixture of dance and hip hop and Latin music. The music is loud, the dancing is hot, the rhythm is rocking.

I have passed by this class several times at the YMCA in the past few weeks, and every time the booming music would catch my ear, the I would stop to watch the ladies in there dancing. They looked like they were having SO MUCH FUN. But then I would snap back into reality and chase after Summer or run to get Matthew to swim team on time.

I had a couple of things happen this year that shook me up pretty good. I got off my game. I lost some ground. I have pulled things back pretty well, but something I had lost was a passion. A personal passion. One just for me.

I haven't exercised or workout regularly {{unheard of}} since February. Mike and I agree that until Summer is in school, we really can't swing me going to college for photography. With 4 kids, and a husband with a very consuming job, a home to run, and all the laundry and scheduling that goes with it, it is easy to get lost in there, and to see that as you. You wake up every day, and God forbid if Jake doesn't make it to football, or Tatum's work outfit isn't clean, and not that that isn't important, but soon that becomes YOU, and comes before you, and is more important than you. (not really...but do you see what I am saying? or am I rambling?)


I drug the best friend in the world with me, and although she wasn't as enthused as me, she did it.

It. felt. great.

I felt great.

I danced my arse off!

I sweated and tried to keep up, and at the moments when I actually was getting it, felt like Freaking Fergie:)

It was a wonderful release.

It felt like MY personal passion.

I can't wait to go back:) I'm signing up for all the classes next session, and planning my weekly schedule around it. Our family's schedule around Mom's thing.

(Linny~you in??)