Friday, November 20, 2009

Projects Beware~ The Amish are coming!!!

No one in their right mind should be this excited over a stupid shed.

This cannot even possibly be an interesting post to anyone but to me. Or maybe another housewife who can sympathize with struggles of organization.

But to keep in theme with my project beware posts, this is the mother of them all.

This is a snow ball. A ripple effect. A HUGE undertaking, (and by huge undertaking the huge part really was huge convincing my husband to say yes to a shed! So with that checked off the list...)

Our garage is a mass destruction. No car has graced the inside walls of it. That is laughable. Four kids equals bikes galore. Scooters, lawnmower, tent, yard equipment, toys, strollers, roller blades, shoes, garbage cans, kitchen sink... (you get the point.

Now that Tatum is driving and she got a car for her birthday we have crossed the line to white trash land with 3 cars asettin in the driveway. Toys spilling out of the garage. Big ol pizza sign uptop on of those cars...(just sayin...)

And Now it is WINTER. Patio furniture needs to be stored away. So does the trampoline. So does the grill. Good gosh, how did we accumulate so much stuff! Stuff is good, (don't get me wrong) but I AM the queen of clear out, but then again we DO have a big family, but I am on loosing ground here.~ Ack!

This is getting windy...

Let's cut it short.

Man I love my husband!


Ahhhhh... AFTER:
a loft on each side up top for storage.
you know what I'll be doing this weekend;)