Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hemingway Cats

The older kids and I stopped at the Humane Society today just to pet the kitties, as we do sometimes. One thing we always do before we leave is I ask the kids hypothetically which one they would pick, if we were going to get one. Today Jake pointed to a solid black cat, because it reminded him of our old cat "Monday". As we petted him, we noticed he had very ummm, BIG, paws. We soon realized that he had extra toes on each foot! When we got home, we told Mike about this cat. He had lived in Key West, and was always kind of fascinated with Ernest Hemingway who's home was there filled with these 6 toed cats that he had become known for. As Mike reminded me of the story, I got more interested in this unique oddity, and now I think am pining for my own 6 toed cat!

So what is your take on these little guys?? Aren't they handsome little devils??