Friday, February 13, 2009

Fruit and Nuts

This year at the beginning of the school year when we had our meeting with the teachers, I showed up at my designated time, and realized with disappointment that I was one of the last parents to "meet and greet". The problem with this is that I was one of the last to get to fill in my obligatory slot for the yearly parties, and as I scanned the list and saw that Halloween was FULL, and Christmas was FULL, and my definite last choice of a holiday...Valentines Day had only but one opening. It was for "fruit platter". Now give me Christmas cupcakes and I can topple marsh mellow snowmen and delight the children, or give me Halloween craft and I will whiz up something fantastic. Even the slot of napkins, and you won't be disappointed in my theme related cute pick. But a fruit platter for a room full of 7 year old at a Valentines Day party, left me feeling at a loss of what to do. Would they even want fruit when there was going to be pizza and cookies and candy. I decided I needed to get creative.

I went through my cookie cutters and found one in the shape of a heart. I then took some melon slices and made them into hearts. Surround on cute Valentine Platter with strawberries and grapes and whaa-laa!

At least it looks pretty? Hopefully some of the kids will eat some fruit. (I am sure mine will not be one of them!)

Oh...and for the nuts part (in the title). A quick funny about Summer. She has been having issues with putting things in her ears and nose and getting them stuck. Well today, she shoved a piece of a cashew way up into her nose. She came to me crying and saying "owwie", and pointing to her nose. Luckily, she follows directions well, because I showed her how to inhale real big and then to blow out through her nose. Then I said "Now You Do it!" Out flew the cashew!

Dodged that bullet.

Hopefully she will outgrow this faze before it becomes something more serious!