Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cancun, Mexico~Horsebackriding in the Ocean

On one of the days after much convincing, I got Mike to leave the resort. We had such short time, and the resort offered soo much he just wanted to stay put, but I had come far and wanted at least one experience out there in Me~He~co!
We signed up for a trip through the jungle on horseback and then a chance to ride your horse in the ocean. What fun! The hour ride there was beautiful. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and neat to see so much of the true culture as we traveled. When it came time to have a chance to ride in the water, I must admit it was a bit of an adrenaline rush. You did it bare back and had to cling on with your legs real tight when the waves hit. Boy did our thigh muscles ache for days after. Going out and coming back in wasn't bad, but when you were turning and going sideways, and the waves were hitting you from the side it was hard, because they about would knock you off your horse. (it did some people) It definitely is one of those things I am so glad I got to do in my life!

Mike and I are laughing here, because the Mexican man kept calling him "cowboy". "Get up on your horse there cowboy!"

The pictures don't show it but we went out pretty deep. To about our waist.

Now in Florida, I am used to seeing lizards running around. I don't think they have the right to call these lizards. More like small alligators. Geez! These things were all over the resort. Yuck!

That night we went to our Mexican dinner and they decorated our table with rose petals for our anniversary.

There was a mariachi band playing that was so cute!

Before dinner we had taken a real long walk on the beach and made the children's names in the sand.

Back to dinner now (sorry the pictures got out of order!) We ordered the calamari for appetizer and I was soo grossed out when I saw it was not fried. Mike convinced me to try it. Oh My Word! It was the BEST! I practically ate it all. They definitely knew what they were doing in the kitchen that night!

We had a nice couple take our picture for us. We had had such a great day that day. After dinner we went an watch some Spanish singers and danced a slow dance. It was a wonderful day.