Thursday, February 19, 2009

Special Date

Wednesday was Mike and I's actual anniversary and we had a fantastic day! We had plans to go out for a nice dinner, and so he came home by 4. For me that is so special because he usually is at work until 9 or later!
The two younger ones I got settled at my friend Malinda's house. She sweetly took those children after a day of work, so we could go out~Thank you Malinda!! I know the kids had a blast. Matthew said he played catch with Ana, and I know tomorrow, Summer is going to be pointing at your house wanting to go back and play with the dog dogs.

Before we left, Mike said he had a surprise for me, and took me to the new tanning place in town. He wanted us to get started on a base coat so we don't get fried in Cancun. I have NEVER been to a tanning salon before, and this freaked me out. Out of the box for me. But I gave it a try, and after a zillion questions I did it (YES...there will be NO tan lines:)
Then we were off to dinner. We had reservations at Bravo's. Yum Yum Yummy Yum Yum! I had a peach Bellini and he had a red wine. He had a breaded romaro crusted chicken Parmesan with fresh mozzarella and pomodoro sauce over herb linguine. I had mini petite Felits topped with Jumbo Shrimp in lemon butter sauce. We were SO full!
When we got home we got to set up our anniversary gift.
And the best new ever ever ever ever ever, that I will humbly say
It thinks I could gain weight!!! BWHA HAHAHAH!!!! I love this machine. Well it didn't actually tell me to gain weight. But it weighed me and tested me on all kinds of stuff and it said with my height (5'7) and age that I should stay at around 140.2 to keep from getting sick!!! I weighed in at 138. And that was after dinner, at night with clothes on. If I could kiss this machine I would! (Of course I am a delicate flower, and feeble little me has to be careful of.....Bwa HAhahahahah! I love it! I will milk this feeling for as long as I can because it rarely comes along in this life!
So we got everyone registered and the kids and I got to play a couple rounds of stuff before bed.
We hula hooped and ran. I think this will be really beneficial to Matty. Everyone registered in the normal range but him. He is bordering obese for a 7 year old. I am so happy he is excited about doing this.
The kids are in bed now and we are off to watch our nightly 6 Feet Under episode. (I bought the whole damn series:) We had a great day and evening. Everyone is healthy and happy. I have a wonderful loving mate to walk with me in this life. Life is Good.