Friday, February 6, 2009

Today's a Shining Day!

I cannot even discuss all the details of this story. One because it makes me look bad in the end. And two it is just too ugly. But let's just say it has to do with 4 kids, too many snow days, a burnt out mom, all the windows in the cars down in the Wendy's line, the F-bomb being dropped like there was no tomorrow, the workers debating whether or not to call children's services, and Summer singing Twinkle Twinkle at the top of her lungs.

But that really is not the point.

The point today is today I am going to tell you about our SHINING MOMENTS!!!

I must be doing something right. I keep trucking along in life/motherhood and today the sky's parted and God looked down on me a smiled. (of coarse he always does, I just don't always see it so clearly...thanks God for making it so clear today;)

Matthew my 7 year has been having great trouble in school ever since he started 3 years ago. We have an arrangement with his teacher where a notebook comes home each day telling of how he does. Most days I dread this. I prepare myself for working through the days problems with him and moving on. You can only beat a dead horse so much ya know? I love my boy so much, I wish love could fix everything.
So he earns stickers for if he gets through the day without bad behaviour, and he has been doing pretty well with this, but it has been touchy with the comments from the teacher. But TODAY...I must share! It is not everyday I get to feel so good about this! {{clear throat}}"Matt had a good day. Work was completed on time. I have not checked it as yet. He is really a changed young man. He will let me work with him and he will listen and finish or fix his work with out a fuss. Give him a hug for the positive changes!"
Yippee!!! We called Daddy at work to tell him the good news;)

Tatum was going over her classes she was choosing for next years Sophomore's schedule. I was asking her what her GPA was as of now. It is a 3.86!! She has straight A's and just 1 B. WoW! I never had grades that good. We are hoping she can get a scholarship into a college. College....I could cry!

Jake is my gentle heart, and it is easy to come up with something sweet he has done within the last 24 hours. Yesterday during the snow day, I did about 10 loads of laundry (no lie!) with Mike's sickness and all the bedding I had to wash. Of coarse when there is work to be done the kids scatter. Jake noticed though, and unsolicited sat beside me and undid all the clothes that were inside out as I got ready to fold them. It made it go so much quicker! He must of done 3 loads with me this way, and would pop up every now and then to see if he could help with Summer or dinner or what not.

Last is Summer. She is just a bundle of unbridled love. She missed the contact with Mike being sick, and when he would pass she would hold her little arms out and cry. She missed Daddy terribly and it broke her heart (and his) that he could not hold or play with her. Now that he is better all is right again in her world.

So my lesson is some days just plain suck. Yes they do. But some days?? Oh how they do Shine!!