Sunday, February 8, 2009

20 Random Things

My friend Heather from Sugar and Spice tagged me for this, and now "I'm It!" I have to come up with 2o random things to tell you about myself that you don't know from reading my blog. This is going to be hard work, but I am up for the challenge;0

1. When I was 2 on Christmas Eve, I fell on our brick fireplace and bit off by tongue. Okay, not all the way off...there was a section still attached. My parents had to take me to the ER and they had to put me in a straight jacket to sew in the stitches.

(I know you are all cringing in your seats...but wait!!! It gets worse!)

When we got home later that evening, I sucked my stitches out with my pacifier, and had to go BACK and get the whole thing done again. I am a little phobic of blood and medical stuff, and I think it could root back to this!

2. Summer goes by her middle name. That is not her first name. Her real name is Scarlett Summer.

3. When I was a kid, we lived on a very hilly yard, and when I cut the grass, my dad would make me wear soccer cleats.

4. I was raised Catholic, and as a child would take my mom's shot glass and punch out circles of bread and then pretend to "receive" the Body of Christ over and over and over again in a very melodramatic way.

5. Tatum's name is Tatum Winter. I wanted her to be named Winter, and Mike wanted NO part of that at all! After he watched me be in labor, he folded and let me have it as her middle name. Now the ironic part is, he is the only one that calls her "Winter" as a nickname!

6. When we got married, we didn't have a ring. We just took off my engagement ring and put it back on again.

7. Jake was almost born on a toilet. No lie! They had to pick me up off that thing and carry me over to the delivery table, and a few minutes later he was born.

8. Mike's nickname for me is Chickabee. This is kind of embarrassing, but like 10 years ago when the movie "Nell" came out (remember Nell..Jodie Foster..speaking jibberish..chicka chicka chicka bee) we watch it and he just starting doing it. He has shortened mostly it now to Chicka.

9. I am not crazy about the dark. For the first 12 years or so of our marriage, Mike had to put up with sleeping with the bathroom light on.

10. I have cousins that are twins.

11. My grandmother was born with a veil over her face. Old Wives Tales says that that is a sign that the child is "sensitive"or psychic. My grandmother seemed to be and was very susceptible to "the other side".

12. My childhood cat's name was "Grizillda".

13. My older brother use to make "concoctions" from the condiments in the refrigerator when we were kids ( mustard, hot sauce, vinegar etc.) and convince me to drink it. I would!

14. Mike taught me how to cook alot of the meals I make.

15. I use to have the retainer in the roof of my mouth that had the key that you had to turn each night. My dad had it tied to a rubber band so that if he dropped it down my throat, I wouldn't choke!

16. The first 4 years of our marriage, we lived in a trailer park where they would and could turn off the water on a regular basis with no notice. We were caught many a time with shampoo in our hair, and then.... that just sucked, cause you would have to wait for goodness knows how many hours till it would come back on again. It took me awhile after we moved out of there to not have the habit of rushing through the "rinse" cycle, if ya know what I mean;)

17. My full name is Rebecca Lyn.

18. 3 of my 4 children have innocent heart murmurs.

19. I apparently have no luck at growing watermelons.

20. I have 2 tattoos. My first one is real little on my ankle. My friend gave it to me when I was 16 with a needle and Indian ink.

Well those certainly are random!! Now I have to pass this on to 5 others to play. I pick

**Lacey~because I have grown to love this girl, and gotten to know her better through e-mail. We are TRASH together, have similar Ikea experiences, both are searching our Bibles for truths, and the girl took a proud stand this week up to Mr. Maintenance Man!!

**Carabee~because she has a little girl around the same age as Summer and boy is she a cutie. (even if she's throwing up bacon:)

**Aubrey~because she is a hot mama with scarlet hair, who has it going on with her 3 kiddos!

**Jennifer~because she is an inspiration, full of neat crafts and stories and poems. She showed us Depression cooking and Zen Shorts (which were too awesome!!)

**Britt~ because I love the way she writes. She is talented and funny and has 2 beautiful little girls.

So "YOUR IT" ladies~ 20 random things! Let's hear them!