Friday, February 27, 2009

Cancun, Mexico ~ Day 1 ~Room and Massages


We just got back from our first vacation without the kids! And although we would have loved to stayed longer, we missed them terribly and were quite anxious to get home to them!
We took SOO many pictures so that we could show the children everything. When we got there they told us that our room was no longer available and so they had to upgrade us. At first I was a little upset. I wanted to be sure that we still got our oceanfront room, but the gentleman assured us we would get nothing but the best. And oh my! He wasn't kidding!
This was our family room. All the floors were marble. There were 3 exits of sliding doors off the different rooms leading out to a long patio that was along the ocean.
This was the entrance way leading into the family room. There is the glass of wine we got as we walked in. They met us with poured glasses of wine and wet sweet smelling clothes to wash our hands with as we walked in.
This was the dining room. We never even used it. It was an all inclusive resort, so we ate at all the restaurants downstairs. They had a fully equipped kitchen for us to cook in, that we never even used either, with dishes and everything.
The bar came fully stocked and paid for. It was all ours to drink! (not that we could in 2.5 days!)
We had a mini refrigerator that they kept stocked at all times for us with snacks and drinks.
And the one in the kitchen.
The bedroom could be closed off with these sliding doors.

This was the balcony off the bedroom.

The bedroom had a big jacuzzi tub.

This was the view.
The porch had it's own jacuzzi tub too!
Here is the porch. We got room service one morning and got to eat at the table overlooking the beach.

The bathroom was mostly marble.
And the shower was so long and unbelievably big!

We took this picture to show the kids! I had never seen anything like it before. It was a door that led to a compartment where the food service people could put our food if we ordered room service and then we could retrieve it with out having to answer the door. We did use it once late for chocolate cake!
Our first day there we had been scheduled for a couples massage. We we signed up for the works! Oh. My. Word. For a girl that had never had a massage, they sure broke her in. They did EVERYTHING to me under the sun! They had us walk over hard rocks barefoot, have water jets pummel us in the stomach, dump buckets of water on our head, steam sauna, they had us get in freezing cold water and then go in the dry sauna, AND then we got our hour long rubbed down massage. Some felt good, some not so much. I did feel refreshed after. I also kind of felt like a war hero. Here is our self portrait right after.

Now here are some pictures of the resort. Like I said this is major over load! If you have stuck with me this long you are a trooper, or you are like me and love looking at pictures! I am going to try to break the trip down into 3 posts. Today's...The resort and massage. Then 2 more.
The resort was gorgeous! It was definitely inspired by the romantic of heart. It was an adult only place so there were no children. They had these hammocks hanging everywhere for private lounging.

When the sun shone, we were in it. It was very very windy. Very. So it was quite chilly at times. We didn't swim much.
The coconuts were all coming in green. Their spring has sprung full force!

It was neat to hear the different sounds that the birds made there.
They had statues and fountains everywhere.

This was a life size checkerboard that they had. I took this picture for Jake wishing he was there to play it with!
This was a game area where we drank and played ping pong one day.
Mike Won!

This is actually one of the pools, not a fountain area.
See how windy it was!

This was one of the bars. There were like 8 in the resort. It was so cool not to have to pay for anything. Just to walk up and order all day long. This bar was IN the pool, under the water.

We took this picture for the boys. There were these astrays everywhere. And it was someones job to just go around and keep them clean and this flower stamped in the sand. All day long that's all they did.

The time flew by, but it was a wonderful time for Mike and I to reconnect and be alone. I cannot thank my Mom ENOUGH for holding down the fort. She did a wonderful job and we are so blessed to have been given this opportunity!