Monday, February 9, 2009

No paper gowns...Thanks!!!

Today Summer had her surgery for her ear tubes. I cannot think of a single thing that could have gone smoother! She did absolutely fantastic! She woke up this morning and snuggle in our bed, not even asking for her cuppy. (she couldn't have any food or water for 8 hours prior which were were pretty concerned about, because she loves her morning baba)
We got the kids off to school and loaded her up and off we went. She was in a great mood and chattered the whole way. When they examined her and such she was a bit quiet, but allowed it and was happy. The only time she caused a fuss was when they asked us to put her in a paper gown. She wasn't having that! She howled! But this hospital was newly built and TOP NOTCH! They had these walls with projectors shooting images on them and one wall was just swarming with butterfly's flying around. So Mike took her out there and she calmed down some.
When it was time for the anesthetics, they let me hold her in my arms until she was asleep. She went pretty peaceful~no crying for either of us! Then Mike and I had to wait in another room and within like 10 minutes the doctor was there to tell us it was all done!
He said that when they put in the tubes that fluid drained out (which is good), and that she should be hearing so much better.
I cannot Thank all my friends and family enough for all the emails, and phone calls and prayers. I felt them! Malinda, Cindy, Lacey and Betty...thank you so much for taking time out of your day to think of Summer!
Malinda~you are a complete rascal for giving her the chicken dance chicken. She has been having a blast with it and the balloons. But I fear we are going to be going nuts soon! Do not be surprised if you find this chicken upon your porch in the morning;)