Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Week of W's

Woo-Hoo-Matthew had swimming tonight and no longer can be called a mere "polliwog". Oh No! He has moved up a level and now is a Guppy!

Whine-The Weather (see below...need I say more...)

Wisdom-This reading the whole bible in year challenge in 2009 thing is quite an experience. I found I think the most profound thing so far today in today's assignment. If you are up for it look it up. It is Acts 10 and Acts 11. If it doesn't stick out to you or if it does and you want to talk about it please email me. I was so excited when I read it!

Weakness-Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal (darn you Matthew for shopping with me!)

Want-A Wii Fit!!!!! (I say that every time...maybe one of these times it will come true!)

Worry-Mike got VIOLENTLY Ill 2 days ago,(with what Matthew had this weekend) and although he is better now, I don't wanna get it!!! I have washed everything in HOT water, and used bleach, and lysoled the HECK out of the house. I have slept on the couch, and talked to him from doorways (sorry honey!), and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

But you know I'm gonna get it!

Wish-I wish that I don't get sick;(

Weird-It is weird that I haven't been with Heather in a week?? WTH! I miss you! Where are you???