Thursday, February 12, 2009

Countdown to Cancun!

The official countdown has begun! In 10 day (oh my gosh....10 days!!!) Mike and I will be getting on a plane for a 3 day getaway, that has taken us 16 years to get to do!
We have never (NEVER) been gotten to travel anywhere before, without the kids, so this is super exciting for us. But being that we live in a house with said kids that are NOT getting to come....we have been having to keep things on the down low...if ya know what I mean. It's not that their not happy for us...okay...their not happy for us. They wanna go!! But we have promised them a fantastic family vacation this summer, and a souvenir??

We are booked at the Excellence Riviera Cancun, and it is an all inclusive resort and spa. Adults only. All the food and drink included! We have had our travel agent arrange for a couples massage on the day we arrive. (something I have never had in my whole life!)
This is what I have done so far in preparation!

Gotten my pedicure up to date...check!

Mike and I got our passports...check!

Super cute cowboy/sunhat for those beaches....check!

Okay, had to take two pictures. I like cute Tatum in the 1st one, but cute hat in the 2nd.

Airplane tickets, resort tickets, bag tags picked up....check!

New bathing suit....check!

Major secret reason for bathing suit...see it covers my tummy, but shows my tattoo from the back! pretty sneaky, huh!

I have my haircut scheduled, and have achieved my weight loss back into the 130's. I have done my mandated time with the throw up bug that our whole family has shared now. (that helped with the weight loss;) Everyday I feel I am moving closer just by getting my daily accomplishments done. At some point the planner in me will just have to release and go on the ride! I can't wait;)