Tuesday, February 3, 2009

6 More Weeks Of Winter....

I think I am officially starting to lose ground here. I think I officially am starting to not care.

Matty had the "throwing up" bug (and you know what else) all night long Friday night. Poor baby was so sick. Thank the Good Lord, no one else caught it! I stripped both the boys beds top to bottom and washed everything from pillows to comforters. (Just in time for someone to wet this morning! which rarely happens anymore!) Oh well...back to square one.

My desk is spilling over with work to do. I just am so behind on all my work for the business. My mom is coming today, so maybe without a 22 month old trying to help I can complete a task. I have to balance the ledger all the way back to October! That's gonna take awhile....

I am dragging my butt through Exodus, but I had no idea God was soooo thorough about how the altar is to be built. I need to try so much harder on this..

I went to Target yesterday, and I've gotta tell you...that place can cheer a girl up! I got the coolest/cutest sun/cowboy hat for Cancun, and a mini cupcake pan, and the cutest spring jacket for Summer. I really love it there! I just wish I could walk out of there for under 50 buck ;0