Saturday, February 7, 2009

Have You Tasted Chocolate Milk Lately??

I have had a heavy heart lately. I don't know if it is the weather, the impending surgery Summer is having Monday, the sheer weight of life, the distance I feel with my friend....

But today Summer and I were out doing errands and I decided to get us some lunch. We picked up some, and pulled into a park. We drove back into the secluded grounds that had not been cleared of any ice or snow and all was peaceful among the tall barren trees. It was completely empty and peaceful and quiet. We had the most beautiful afternoon that I have had in a long time.

When I parked, I turned around to release her from her harnessing seat belts. She was thrilled to escape the confining seat and so excited that I pulled her up to the front where she is never allowed to be or to sit. The Sun was out in full force today, and it felt so good and warm as it turned our car into a sauna. We cracked the windows and let the 40 degree winter chill breeze in to cool us off. Just to have the sun shining on us was like a Godsend. You forget how good it feels. She ate her chicken nuggets and I ate my sandwich and she would comment with smiles, and "yums", and want to try bites of mine. So I asked her if I could try her chocolate milk. It has been forever since I have drunken some. Strictly tea and water is my M.O. How sticky sweet it was!! I had forgotten! No wonder the kids always order it. Darn, you guys...for was so good! The funny thing is she kept wanting to drink my unsweetened tea, so we would switch back and forth.

We looked at the trees, and soaked up the sun, and I let her play with the radio knobs awhile. Before you knew it, it was time to go, and the day carried us away.

I know this weekend will be a blur with basketball games, and church, and before you know Sunday night we will be putting Summer to bed with no food and water for surgery in the morning. If you all could please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, that would be great.

And if you catch yourself getting lost in the day, in the week, in yourself, take my advice and maybe just go find a patch of sunlight and sit.

And seriously, take some chocolate milk with you;)