Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cancun, Mexico~Fancy Dinner, Gifts, and Traveling with the Inebriated

As you can this point in any vacation...Mike starts to take on the persona of Jack Sparrow. This is one of the many reasons I love this man so much. He works his butt off all year long, but when it comes time to relax, he gets down to it. He was not sober for probably a minute of Mexico. I think we have pictures of every single vacation that look like this one.
One night we were HIGHLY encouraged to try the French restaurant. They said it was it was the best of the best. It had a dress code. We hadn't really prepared for this, but we did have some things. We anticipated having a special night out though, and tried to make due with what we had packed.
It was fun to get all dressed up and go out. Unfortunately the restaurant had an hour and a half wait, and then an hour more for the food. Then the food didn't turn out to be very good at all. We really are more down to earth people I think. The night at the Mexican restaurant was so much more fun and tasty!
This was our self portrait..LOL!
While we killed time waiting for our table, we wandered around the resort. They had these areas in the pool where you could put your lounge chair in the water but it wasn't too deep. It was really neat.
This staircase reminded me of Titanic, and we asked someone to take our picture again.
Most of the roof's were made out of thatch. It gave such a neat feel. They probably had to replace them twice a year or so.
The place was so big, one landmark that we knew we were getting close back to our room was this birdcage with these birds. It was so windy there we felt terrible for the birds. Mike in his intoxicated way would usually yell out to people about the need to set the birds free, or planning their escape, as we would pass by. Some would laugh and think it was funny. Some, not so much.

They had these romantic beds with the flowing sheets set up all over.
We spent a little time in one..

When we came home we had to bring the goods! This was the doll we brought for Summer...
and this little mini bracelet...
We found a carved chess set made out of Malachi stone for Jake..
Maraca's, a carved turtle, and necklace for Matty...
silly things like Frosted Flakes in Spanish for Tatum to show her Spanish class.
A necklace and woven bag for Tate, and a bunch of Lime shampoo from the resort.

Our new goal is for us all to learn Spanish and then to travel there with the children in a few years. I CAN NOT WAIT! We also have a goal of going to Hawaii with the children in 10 years. New things to look forward to, and to plan! Life is such an unexpected joy and journey:)