Friday, March 20, 2009


Isn't it funny that you can spend a bazillion dollars on toys for your kids, and yet they still hone in on a particular thing, and you think to yourself "geez...I could have saved us a bunch of money if I had just bought (fill in the blank). The trick is you never know what that weird little fancy of the day is going to be, and try as you may...your never gonna get it right, it seems!
Lately, Summer's big thing has been rocks. Well rocks and paper. The paper to eat. We have caught her eating every variety of paper there is, and at this point she is pretty good at the the demand and spit mechanism. The rocks...I don't know. She likes all kinds. The big heavy ones that she huffs and gruffs to pick up and you run over so she won't smash her toes, and the gravel type kind that she sprays like a dog digging (and then immediately rubs her eyes..ughh!)
But today she started something entirely new.

Meet Dinosaur...
She found him under a pile of rubbage in the garage. A lost playmate of the boys.
He has gone with her EVERYWHERE today.

She likes to tell you "RRRWWRRRAAAHHHH!!!"

I'm just secretly happy that I actually paid for this one:)