Thursday, March 26, 2009


Tatum's High School, for the second year is doing a really neat activity with the teenagers. It is a chance to experience first hand what it is like to be homeless, just for one night. It is called Shantytown and the kids will be building their "boxes" to sleep in overnight outside. Here is some of the note I got on it... will be joining many other students for one night on the grounds of Lebanon High School. You will work together to build a "Shanty" a box-like structure, to sleep in for the night. Several volunteers will be assisting you throughout the night as they share in this common experience. You will participate in activities such as :setting up your box, walking through the soup-line for dinner, watching a movie related to homelessness, and listening to a speaker on this topic.
...students will be allowed to wear the clothes on their body (including extra layers), bring sanitary items, and use extra resources to keep themselves warm throughout the night (e.g. plastic to keep out the rain). In order to strive for realism of this project, students are asked to keep their resources to a minimum (e.g. no extra food, abundant resources, IPODS etc.)

She has signed the paper to do it! I think it is really neat chance for her to experience this. It isn't until April 17th, so hopefully it will get a little warmer!

One of my very good friends works for the major paper here in Cincinnati and I know she helped covered this story last year. Hmmm...I wonder if they do again this year....well, know who to look for to interview!!! She will be there! Huddled in her box, learning a life lesson:)