Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sad Goodbye

I have been following this story closely, because I dearly love this actress. I am so sad to hear of her death at the young young age of 45.
We loved her in Nell (I have told you of my nickname that Mike has for me from that movie), but what we loved her most from was from the remake of ParentTrap. When Tatum was around 6 years old she got a pet hampster of her own and she named it "Lizzie". If you are familiar with the movie, Natasha Richardson's character's name was Elizabeth....but the father (played by Dennis Quaid) was the only one who called her "Lizzie" in an endearing way. My young daughter picked up on that, and chose it as the special name to give her pet. We watched that movie many times, as she loved it.
My thoughts and prayers are with her family.