Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jake's new glasses

Jake is my creative soul. My messer. My instigator. My curious troublemaker. He has his Uncle Timmy running through his veins this boy. He could take apart a flashlight at age 4, only to put it back together again. He also can get lost about 5 times on the way to find his shoes. He has ADD and struggles in school with reading, but works hard and keeps a positive attitude.
After going through two pairs of glasses, and losing them many times, the scratched up pitiful pair we owned were held together by a promise. We took him to the eye doctor only to be told that our insurance wouldn't cover anything for another couple months. He needed everything... exam, scratch resistance, new lens and frames. We had to wait. Meanwhile he was having headaches, and miserable.
Well the time has come, and he finally got his new pair. Amazing the pair he picked out is the kind that you pretty much can wad up in a ball, and it pops back into shape! Jake proof!

Today, when I found out they had come in, I went straight to his school, and pulled him out to go get them! He is so happy to be able to see again..poor guy!!

Now let's see how long we can make this pair last!