Saturday, March 21, 2009


I can hardly believe it! Yay!

A couple weeks back, I was left a comment by a lady that was interested in using one of my posts on my blog for their website. They showcase different countries, and interesting travel locations. She enjoyed my pictures and story about horse backing in Cancun and wanted to use it! I promptly emailed her back saying that in no way was I an avid traveler, just a SAHM {gulp}, but gee, sure!!!! She could use whatever she wanted!
I just got another email yesterday from her saying my article was up! I am officially a Published Blogger! Holy Cow!

Check it out if you want at . Type in Cancun in the search area. Scroll down to the one title Horseback riding~By Becky L.....
They used all my pictures and didn't change a word (which really doesn't help I think since when I typed it I was talking to you all, and it was day 3 of typing about Cancun, so it doesn't sound to professional...but's a blog!) It even gives you an option to see it in it's original format, which brings you to my blog. Too freaking cool.