Saturday, March 7, 2009

One Unique Baby!

I did a post not too long ago about the Hemingway Cats, and how taken I was with them. Have you heard in the news about the little boy in San Francisco that was born with 12 fingers and 12 toes? .
They named their baby Kamani Hubbard and he has six-fully formed and functional fingers and toes on his hands and feet. It's called polydactyly.
He was born so normal looking, that they did not even notice at first!

His father's family does have some history of it, but never this well formed before. His dad even had nubs removed as a child from non functioning 6th fingers.

These are some quotes I found online from the Dr. and the father about the situation...
"It's merely an interesting and beautiful variation rather than a worrisome thing," said Dr. Michael Treece and St. Luke's Hospital Pediatrician. "I would be tempted to leave those fingers in place. I realize children would tease each other over the slightest things, and having extra digits on each hand is more than slight. But imagine what sort of a pianist a 12-fingered person would be. Imagine what sort of a flamenco guitarist. If nothing else, think of their typing skills."

"I just want him to see what greatness will be in store for him," said the baby's proud father.
The Florida Marlins' pitcher Antonio Alfonseca, blues guitarist Hound Dog Taylor and several remarkable figures in history have had polydactyly.

I love it! I think they have the right perspective and this child has been blessed with a unique gift. I can't wait to see what he does with it!