Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meeting a fellow blogger!!!!

Today, Summer and I ventured out on our own, to meet for the first time solo, another blogger! Heather from Sugar and Spice it ends up lives in just the next town, and for months we have visited each other's blogs, and then emailed, and now that her cat has had a special delivery (one with Summer's name on it!), it prompted us to get together!
She welcomed us into her beautiful old historical house filled with her 3 little boys Logan (5), Braeden (3), and the new little guy Hudson (0 years old as Logans says).
Her guys are cutie patooties! Summer made herself right at home, and Heather and I hit it off right away, talking easily.

We went up to see the kittens after awhile....
this is the one we picked out for Summer. They are only 1 week old now, so their eyes are not open yet.

They were born in Hudson's closet, so he is a good sport about having so many guests in his room!
These three kept busy playing and even humored me for a posed picture!

I know this shot below is blurry, but it shows it cute little spread out paw...awww!

This one will be ours.
The mama cat was SUCH a good girl. She purred and let me pet her. She even let us pick up her babies, but watched like a hawk, and wanted them back ...please...thankyouverymuch!

This was taken courtesy of Logan. Good Job Logan! Not many 5 year old can do such a good job with a camera! Your mama has trained you well!
Heather, I loved getting the chance to meet you! We will just have to make a point of catching each other at Target!