Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Out With The Old...

This is my...I mean WAS my living room. It had become over run by Summer. It became her toy room, and after our Christmas celebration where her toy house was built in there, "just till spring", I had lost control.

Across town, my mom was doing a bit a of redecorating, and asked me if I would want her piano. It is the one I grew up playing. I took lessons on it for years and years. It is an old upright school house piano, over 100 years old and has beautiful carved wood. My dad had refinished it himself, and used a stain that my grandfather had made. The thing is knee deep in family memories. I jumped at the chance!

Now as the story goes, when Mike and I moved into our present house, the previous owners asked us if we would want their piano. It was an old player piano. The player part didn't work, but the keys did. We were swept up in the novelty of it, and left our bland in comparison piano behind in our old house, and we excited to get this gem.

Well...this gem ended up not being so great! First off, player piano's weigh like a bazillion pounds. Like 5 times more than a regular upright. (really like over 800 pounds) We couldn't really move it even a smidge to plug in a lamp. And we started to worry some about the floorboards!
Then we saw that the all the keys didn't work that well. Like if you wanted to really affected that.
Then our dream of getting the antique player to play again...yeah. We found an estimate in the piano seat for $7000.00.

So here we were, four years later, and I just didn't play anymore.

So today was the day the movers came to switch the pianos! Boy they said this one was heavy! I only had to pay $35 to Rumpke to dump it. I felt bad, and wished I could have found it a home, but after craigslist and such and no takers, I just had to get rid of it!

The bonus surprise is since my mom paid to have the piano moved, and she was cleaning out, she gave me her antique secretary! My living room is looking more and more together. (don't worry! Summer's house got moved outside now that it is warmer, and she is just as happy!)Here is the new piano. I can't wait to get it tuned and have the children learn how to play (at least Matthew and Summer)