Friday, March 6, 2009

What a Day!

Well I had a great birthday! My family and friends worked real hard to make me feel loved and special. Thanks to all of you! On Thursday morning, after I got the bigger kids off to school, Summer and I headed off to Toddler Time at the YMCA. She is really loving this class, and every time coming more and more out of her shell. We did a ringaround the rosie parachute that made her eyes light up, and she got a stamp on her hand afterwards that made her feel so proud.

We came home to meet Mike for a nice breakfast out. He is knee deep in the middle of buying our third store, and we had woken up this morning to the seller signing the paperwork. He has so much to do! So because of all that is going on in our business life, right now he will be working alot. I knew that today he would be gone, but he had made sure to carve out time for just me this morning for my birthday. The three of us went to a little breakfast nook we know and I had banana walnut pancakes. Oh Yum! Before he left for the day he gave me my gift.....

a bike! With baby seat! ( and notice it is my favorite color! My guy is too sweet) Now we can go places as a family. Before, Summer and I just couldn't be a part of it. Now our whole family can get good exercise and do fun trips as a group! We have a little frozen custard place downtown that I think we will be making summertime trips too. Yes, we will!

After Mike went to work, Summer and I took the longest, most glorious nap. We slept actually until Tatum got home!

She wanted to bake my cake this year (her idea) all herself and had bought the stuff, so she set to work on that. I ran out to do some errands, and before you know it the boys we home from school, Danielle (one of Tatum's best friend's/our occasional honorary child) walked home from Track, and it was 65 degrees out! The kids and I decided to try out my new bike before dinner.

It rides like a dream!

We came in and had chicken breasts, broccoli, and crispy fries....and Tatum's cake!

Notice the piece cut out of the corner! LOL! (she got real defensive, when I brought it up:)

Someone didn't want the party to end. Don't feel sorry for this face. She had had TWO pieces of cake by this point, and was getting quite demanding for another NUM NUM!

All and all, it was a wonderful day. I got alot of sweet cards, and phone calls, and flowers from friends, and alot of wonderful wishes from you my bloggy friends!

I really should do this birthday thing more often...:)