Friday, March 27, 2009

Summer's 2nd Birthday Party Recap

Sorry it took so long to get this put together. I can't believe it has already been a week since the party.

Everything went so well! The weather was beautiful and Summer got a good nap in before the party. We had family kind of come and go due to work schedules, but it all worked out fairly nice.

At Christmas, Summer wasn't too sure of unwrapping presents. That didn't seem to be a problem anymore! LOL! It took us one demonstration to her on how to rip the paper, and she took it from there! She unwrapped everyone of her presents herself.
After one was opened, she would go get another. I was trying to space them out a little due to the different people coming and going, but gave in because Summer was persistent now that she had this unwrapping thing down pat!
She got several cute outfits from both of her grandmas. She got a Dora the Explorer Big Wheel from us, along with chalk and Wonderpets (her major favorite thing right now) figurines. Uncle Timmy came later with a bag full of shovels and buckets and a big stuffed horse, and Malinda gave her weebels, and a ball.

The theme was Dora, and we had a big Dora pinata. I felt it would be extreme to have (especially knowing my boys) the pinata busted opened with a bat. I thought she is only 2, and for her to see people hitting Dora with a bat would be upsetting! Everyone thought I was nuts, but I didn't care. We ripped opened the backpack in the back and spilled the candy out that was for the kids to collect. Grandma helped Summer gather hers, and again, she caught on real quick as to what to do. She loved it!
My nephew Robert and Matthew with their "loot".
I borrowed my friend Amy's cake pan to make this special cupcake cake. The top part is a chocolate cake and the bottom is a yellow cake.

All Summer really wanted to eat was the ice cream LOL!
Here she is with my brother. This picture is more amazing than you think. For some reason Summer has been really weird with Tim, and cries when he trys to talk to her or pick her up. (Which is the CRAZIEST thing in the world, because my brother is like the sweetest, most Gandhi like person I know) Last year on her birthday, she only allowed her to be near her. Not touch her. At family gatherings she eventually warms up I guess, but this day, I think she just called a truce and accepted him.
After cake, we all went outside and played with her toys! Chalk and Big Wheels!

It was a great day. Wahh!! Where did my baby go! I am already pining for another {{sob}}. They sure do grow up fast!