Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Busy Weekend

This weekend was a busy one, and I will be sure to do a post with lots of pictures of Miss Summer on the day of her party soon! Saturday was the day we celebrated and before my family arrived Jake had his first flag football game. Tatum was at a sleepover, so whoever went to the game needed to pick her up on the way back. Mike ended to do this, so I could clean and run to the grocery with the other 2 kids and get ready for the party. With him not having but one day off, we really are scrambling to squeeze allot into that one day. Especially since he had been out of town all week. Matty has been having trouble for over a week with a sore throat and cough, and I took him to the doctors earlier in the week, but after a strep swab, the doctor told me (after telling me his throat didn't even look that red to her) that the rapid results were negative, and she thought he just had allergies. (Doctors have a good way of making moms feel wrong) She gave him some Singular to try, but it just didn't seem to be doing the trick! He seemed not right to me and just getting sicker. The doctor had said in addition we could give him the clariton on top, so I did. So when he seemed to get really tired and drowsy, I wrote it up to be all the meds! He curled up in Summer's little bed and slept through half her party. When he got up I gave him Ibuprofen, and within 30 minutes he was running around with his cousins like there was no tomorrow! So then I thought he must be doing better....

Well Saturday night boy did he have fevers all night and by Sunday, Mike had to go to work and Tatum was due to volunteer at church, but I knew we couldn't go because Matty was too sick. We ended up just dropping off T and picking her up. I thought about waiting until Monday when the Doctor's opened again, but Mondays are so hard to get an appt. and UGH!

I took him to Urgent Care. It is just like a Dr.'s Office, but they are open on Sundays. Same cost as a regular office visit. It is a pain there, but thank the Good Lord I went! When they did the throat swab, the nurse looks at me and says "his throat is bleeding, and his tonsils are the size of golf balls!" Oh My Gosh! My poor baby! She said that culture had barely hit and it turned positive for strep.

I got the shot in his butt. It is the most effective. Starts working so much quicker. His poor butt is soooo sore though. It is really thick stuff. I got him a Wendy's frosty on the way home. Thank goodness, Tatum is old enough to stay with the other kids, because that would of been awful in that waiting room with the others. There was one lady there that had her throw up bowl...yech!

So needless to say Summer's actual birthday (today..Monday night as I type this) was spent with one sick kid home from school, 2 at school, and 1 very busy husband at (guess) work. I am so glad we had such a sunny fun party day on Saturday!

I will leave you with the cutest darn kiddo on the planet singing her rendition of Happy Birthday to herself:)