Tuesday, March 31, 2009


***Matthew started baseball for the first time ever this weekend. The old Matty came home beaming from ear to ear. I can't tell you the last time I've seen him like that. It felt so good. I really see progress with him, and I know I don't disclose all the trouble we have with him, but take my word that it is such a breath of fresh air to see positive progress! Mike went with him and ended up helping the coach, by pitching to the boys most of the practice. Matthew ate this up, loving that his dad was helping. Mike is lucky to make it to the kids games, but to a practice, and be involved made his day! (although Mike hand was pretty sore that night LOL! from all the catching!)

***Tatum is planning on getting her class ring. (I know it is time already!) It will be like the design below except it will be her birthstone color which is pink, and it will say Tatum in cursive on one side and Lebanon High School 2012 on the other. She is so excited. Since she is our first, Mike and I had to decide how to handle this with 4 kids, so we finally agreed to pay half. Tatum is thrilled with this and already earned almost her half this weekend babysitting (man, she gets paid bigtime!).

***My workout partner and I wanted to mix it up a bit and try something new. The Y had these new machines put in that was like a never ending escalator. We do the elliptical machine all the time so thought it would be no big deal and give it a try. Oh. My. Word. We lasted 5 minutes, and felt the need to let our hearts stop beating on the outside of our chest! Our legs were all shaky and we only burned like 60 calories. No Thanks! It did say we climbed 21 floors, and we do have a goal to maybe to 6 minutes next time! LOL!

(that is a model...not me:)
***Summer favorite spot to play right now is the staircase {{sigh}}. Her and her side kick Abby are always on it in some world of pretend. Her newest thing is to use a step and pretend it is a bed. She even puts in the snore sound to try to convince you she is asleep.

***Jake had a rather bright purple hickey appear on his shoulder. I mentioned to him when I saw it that he shouldn't be giving himself hickeys. Completely surprised Jake said "I have a Hickey?!?!? Where?!?!? I didn't do that!" I told him if he causes suction on his skin like that, that a bruise called a hickey would appear. You could see the realization hit his eyes of remembrance of, of coarse him being a dork and sucking on his arm. To see this appear was a total surprise though. Boys are so weird!