Monday, March 9, 2009

Finishing up the Weekend!

Sunday night, we finished up the weekend, and wrapped up my birthday festivities with my family at my mom's house. She just got back in town from her get away trip she did with her sister to Texas.
We brought Chinese, and my brother's family joined us for cake, along with my grandma.
When it was time to blow out the candle, I had Summer on my lap and encouraged her help.

We blew................................
and them Summer blew the longest, stringiest, slimiest, spit across the whole cake!!! Good thing we all think she is so cute:)

My grandma is 89 this year, and bless her heart, sat through a dinner with my tribe!
This is my niece, Karma. (my brother and I have a thing about naming our Sally's or Sue's in this family! LOL!) It isn't the greatest picture because the poor thing was trying to get Summer to cooperate with getting her picture taken.
My mom and grandma.
Jake playing ping pong.
Matty and my nephew Robert playing their version of billiards.

Then we did what we usually migrate to do at almost all family gatherings, and that is look through old photo albums.
Karma just asked Grandma here "Are you guys wearing those clothes on purpose grandma, because they were in style?"
We had a real nice time, but the evening was over so quick, due to the time change, it being a school night, and the hour drive home!
On another birthday is Mike's step mom's Bev's Birthday! Happy Birthday Bev!!! We hope you have a wonderful day, and that you and Ed get to go do out to do something really nice and special:) Love you!