Sunday, March 8, 2009

The one to come...

Today was refreshing.
Spring has decided to sprung, even if it was only for a taste. It was up to 76 degrees today, and it seemed as if all the houses in the neighborhood opened up spilling out with children, and toys and life.

The sun shone and my little crocus and hyacinth and tulips pushed their way up through the dirt towards the light. It was almost as if you could watch it happening.
My mom is home from her travels tonight, and all can be right again:)
Summer had her post op appt. at the hospital today, and her ears couldn't look better. Not a single sign of infection or any drainage at all.
Mike finalizes his deal on Monday and will be the proud owner of our 3rd store.
The time change takes effect today, and now our days will be filled with one more hour of daylight.
Today we got to grill out for the first time this year, and just to smell charcoal and smoke, hamburgers and onions and mushrooms, while the kids played in the yard felt so good!
I use to debate over what was my favorite season. It use to be winter. The serene still beauty of it. Then I got too cold. So it was Summer. Then I got too hot. Fall and it's smells.....oh fall was my favorite! But that brought Winter. Spring is so promising....
I think my decision had finally been made. It is crucial that we have the changing of the 4 seasons, for if we did not take the good with the bad and suffer through, we could not appreciate the next one to come near enough.
The one I like best is the one to come....