Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tidbits and Morsels

***We were going over to my mom's house for a get together, and yes the weather had not been frigid cold, we had been blessed with a few days of 60's and even touched 70, but none the less it is Ohio...and at night it is still in like the 30's. (Take today for example...ugh!! The high today is 36! We are freezing again! That is just spring, ya know!) So we are getting ready to go and yelled to the kids to get in the car. Matthew say "Okay! let me just get my suit!!! We are going to go swimming at Grandma's right??"

{{crickets chirping}}

"MATTHEW~! Grandma hasn't even cleaned out her pool yet, nor is it even CLOSE to being warm enough to swim in it!"(he was totally freakin serious by the way! He was up in his drawer digging around for a suit.)

***While at a community event, where alot of the town was at, I saw a woman from our subdivision. I do not know her very well, but we have talked a handful of times, and always been very friendly and waved and said hello. One of those times was on a hot summer night when it was garbage night, and I was out on my walk. I noticed that they were throwing out their crib, and her and I got into the discussion of having more children, whether or not they were going to, clearing out the baby stuff for good, how to know when you are done...

I am known for loving babies, and wanting babies and loving houseful of babies, and I think I got really over zealous that night on a kick about the beauty of having children, and how we only live once, and how precious life is..blah blah blah. Long story short. We had another baby. And did they! (she told me afterward that that conversation, had something to do with it! {{wink wink}}

So there we are at this event, and I whisper over to Mike..."see that lady....I inspired her to have that baby!!"

It had been a trying evening of our Summer running wild, and the other's on our last nerve, and he whispered back to me "well then, one day, she's gonna show up and kick your ass!"

***I made Tuna Helper for dinner the other night, which all the the kids eat great except for Matthew. He always complains that he is allergic to tuna (which he is NOT~!) and it's just tough, because up until about 2 years ago, he loved tuna, and I'm not havin it!

So, I called the kids for dinner, and he comes flying in the door and say "WOW! It smells GREAT! TACO"S!!!! YAY!!! Aaaa... Matty. It is not Tacos. There is no tacos. It doesn't smell like taco's. We are having something totally different!

Okay. So we sit down to the table, and he eats every bite! Gobbles it up! Afterwards, he evens says...."that was sooo good Mom" ( which is rare for my kids to say!) I said, "Matthew, that was Tuna Helper." He said "That was Tuna?????????" He didn't even know it?!?!?!

I swear, those boys. I don't even know what goes on in their heads. How can you eat an entire plate of something, and not even know what type of meat it is?

***Jake started Flag Football which he LOVES. Real football he is crazy about and plays it in the fall, but they kick. your. butt. Like everyday, hard, and beat the fun out of you. And then you sit on the sideline for most of the actual games. So in the spring, when he gets to play flag football, he does it for the shear fact of having FUN. He runs, and dodges. He makes touchdowns like a madman. He is a gazelle out there. Last night was his first practice. He was so in his element. He had a blast.

***I wasn't kidding when I told you Summer is going through this faze of stripping. I wasn't just trying to do a funny post. It actually has become quite NOT funny. I am considering going to buy her overalls and putting them on her backwards just so she cannot take off her clothes!
The other day, Mike and I were working in the office and she came down the staircase naked from the waist down again. He jokingly said, you better get her before she poops! Well, as I approached her I noticed her gripping the banister a little tight, and grimacing......OH NO ohnoohnoohno! I scooped her up and lifted her night shirt and sure enough, there was a brown log making an appearance! "MIKE!!! get me something!"

Do you know what that man said?

"Where's the camera?? I can't find it."

(me) "WWhhatt!!! the camera!?!?!? I need diaper wipes!!!! Help me! I need some wipes over here!!!"


***Tatum has been at a loss as to what to do with her life. Go into art? She studied gymnastics for years, and thought she would maybe get into some type of physical education. Coaching or physical therapy?
She has all A's and B's and is planning on going to college, and she and her counselor had a meeting at school, and they talked. They came up with maybe a good goal for her. We are all excited! Teaching. Now that they say it it makes sense. She is extremely organized, and orderly. She loves kids, and does well academically. AAaannd it is majorly in her blood. Her Uncle Tim is a teacher. Her Aunt Renie is a teacher. My father was not only a teacher, but a principal of an elementary school. We are so excited that she now has a path she is trying to follow! Yes, it may change 10 more times (and that's okay!) but she now has a goal in mind, and it is inspiring and exciting