Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Watch Who You Text

I was caught in a bit of an embarrassment the other day. My husband is on a business trip, and Tatum and I sent him a silly test message that went like this...

Somebody snitched on us!! The cops are lookin for a sexy person and a retard. They have me, so grab your helmet and crayons and run little buddy!!!

We were sitting in Frisch's eating dinner waiting for his response, when the cell phone rang, saying it was Mike! We picked it up giggling, only to have it be some man we did not know! He said he had just found my husbands phone, and called that last number on it trying to locate the owner.

I was so embarrassed and had to asked if he had read our text message. He said no, he hadn't but now I had his curiosity up.

Later that evening when it got back into my husbands hands, I asked Mike if he had seen our text, and he said "no". Which means it was in box. Which means that guy read it!

Too funny! I just glad he was nice enough to take the time to get the phone back to Mike...LOL!