Saturday, March 28, 2009

Date Night

With Mike working over 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, trying to run our business with our new store added, his one day off a week is to say in the least bombarded! The kids want him, I want him, responsibility wants him, sleep and guitar and his neglected workout catchup want him. It is alot to fit into one little day. The poor guy, I know he is overloaded with us. I just feel like I am spilling over with things to tell him, wonderful ideas I have had (I am always thinking stuff up!), questions, business questions, calendar updates, stories, discipline with the children, and just plain lovin!
Today was huge with all he did, and right now he is asleep on the couch while the boys watch Pirates of the Caribbean. But I have plans for us later...

I have bought our own copy of Twilight for us to watch tonight in our comfy bed, with an encore of Six Feet Under (we are up to season 4).
I have baked a lattice peach pie that is sugar topped, with vanilla ice cream .

And with Tatum babysitting late, and the young ones in bed, he and I can just enjoy each other. Ahh!