Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chocolate, Twilight Weekend

This weekend has been so fun so far, and we still are not through it! On Friday night Tatum and I met a bunch of friends and went to see the movie Twilight. I thought it was really really good. I think the book is better...but I usually think that just because books are so different to digest. In books you pour over the words, and let in settle deep into you thoughts and emotions. In movies, they only have 2 hours to tell you the whole story. I LOVED the movie, and think I will watch it again soon!

Since Tatum was with me, we had her best friends Danielle babysit. She is staying the whole weekend too. Tatum has another Hip Hop competition on Sunday, and since these 2 girls had competed together for years in gymnastics,(till Tatum had to leave this summer due to her knees and ankle) Danielle really wanted to see Tatum do her new thing.

Danielle fits right into our family and is such a sweet girl. I was nervous, but she did a fantastic job with the kids.

I had left them pre cut Christmas sugar cookies to make and decorate and eat. The kit contained a squirter of icing. Apparently they had way to much fun, and found my camera.....

It looks like even Sum got in on the fun!
Ummm...yup they got carried away and decided after cookie making to do what Danielle does best! MAKEOVERS!
Sadly enough, my boys ate it up, loving the attention she gave them. They had such a fun time, laughing and getting all dolled up. Jake is such a clown.

Soon it was time for bed.

And Mike came home then. We all know how he feels about the boys doing stuff like this.
Party over.

So then today I slept nice! To 10:oo! Mike had to work so me and the kids went over to the Dayton mall. We bought clearance movies at Blockbuster, and shopped at the grocery store for dinner. Mike was home by the time we got back and he and I made SUCH a good dinner for everyone. Lasagna, french bread and a Cesar salad. It was so yummy.
But the BEST part was while I was shopping at the grocery store, I asked (for the millionth time) for a type of wine I have been searching for. We went years ago to Valley Vineyard ( this really cool restaurant where your men cook the steaks outside on grills, and they have a salad bar, a bread table, and a desert table. they are a winery and sell all their own made wine) and they gave me the BEST wine ever. It was red, and sweet, and chilled. Now when I describe this to clerks at the stores, they always say..."Red wines usually aren't try this." and it always sucks! The Valley Vineyard Waiter called it " communion wine " as a joke, because it does taste kind of like the sweet chilled juice you get at some church's. So today, I found this older gentleman who really new his stuff...and no, it wasn't exactly the same, but it was what I have been looking for.

Call me a light weight, but by one glass I was feeling all Yummy. By two, I was winking at my husband. Needless to say we finished it all off. It was called Rosa Regale.

Then came the F. U. N.
I had bought a chocolate fountain for Thanksgiving and wanted to give it a test drive.

The kids were so excited! We had lots of cool things to try in it. Bananas and strawberries were the best I think.

My only tip for people out there trying it is to REALLY REALLY melt the chocolate good before you put it in.

Summer was demanding YUM YUM, and really liked the chocolate!