Sunday, November 30, 2008

Give a Family a Goat for Christmas!

For Christmas every year we try to do something for a charity. We used to sponsor a family thru church, picking out clothes and toys for them. Last year we read in the newspaper about a single mom who had several children, and one had all kinds of medical issues. She had to support and care for her children, while not having means to take care of her handicapped child. So we helped them. This year I got a magazine in the mail, with some of the coolest ideas. It was for World Vision, and I really though it was neat for my kids to see a glimpse of what other children their age dealt with on a daily basis, and what we could do to help. We had a family meeting and picked which one we would do.

Now they had so many neat ideas...You could buy a family a goat, and then they would have fresh milk. You could buy them 2 chickens and then they would have eggs to eat, and even eggs to sell. Chickens multiply quickly, so they could give to neighbors and help their village. You could buy vaccines, school books, pay to dig a well so they had fresh water, train women for jobs, buy a bicycle so children to get to school safely and not get kidnapped, buy them a fishing kit, seeds, fruit trees, mosquito nets...the list went on and on and told you the amount. It was all reasonably priced. From $30 and up. We chose "a goat and 2 chickens" for $100.

A goat nourishes a family with protein-rich dairy and can offer an income boost by providing offspring and extra dairy products for sale. Chickens also provide a lasting source of nutrition and income: fresh eggs are rich in protein and other nutrients, and extra eggs can be sold to pay for other household needs.
I know this is the best money I will spend this whole Christmas season.
If you are interested in World Vision, check them out online at or call 1-888-511-6511