Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To Tube or Not to Tube

My poor baby is still sick with ear infections. I took her to the doctor to get her ears rechecked and the right one still has an infection. This is the 3rd consecutive round of antibiotics. She has had E.I. in Jan., June, Sept., Oct.,and Nov. We are being sent to a ENT doctor after this round of medicine. The criteria for tubes is 6-8 in a 12 month period or 3 consecutive months of ear infections.
I am so nervous she will have to get tubes. I have been SO blessed with the health of my children. None of them have ever had a surgery. The extent of 15 years of kids are a broken bone, stitches, braces, knee injuries, strep, basic cuts and colds. Not anything to write home about. Just basic stuff. I am constantly trying to be grateful for their health. Just in our neighborhood we have Cystic Fibrosis, Children's Ruemitary Arthritis, and genetic gene disorder. I know what these families go thru and my little old problems amount to nothing compared. But I still am so nervous about this. They have to knock her out for it. To me, that is TERRIFYING. She is just a little baby! My friend who is a nurse, has had to go thru anesthetics with her child ALOT of times, and she said even she cries every time she watches them do it to her daughter. I am not good in this department. I can endure whatever, but please don't hurt my babies:(
If you have had tubes done for your children, could you share you story with me. I have heard that they are such a blessing, and they are so glad they got them.
Thanks everyone!