Saturday, November 15, 2008

Playdate with a four year old

Today as I sat at my desk trying to get an overwhelming amount of work done, as I printed ,faxed, emailed, and made phone calls, I heard a shriek of delight outside my window. There was no denying the noise. It was Gabe. It was time to stop my to do list for an hour.

We had a date.

Now if it had been my children, it is sad to say I would of tried to juggle both kids and work. But this one I was responsible for returning in one piece! This one is a busy kind of guy. This one is 4!

As soon as Heather left, we played basketball, baseball, soccor, jumped on the trampoline, built legos, petted cats and neighbor's dogs, played piano, ate apple jacks, and took our socks and shoes off and on many many times. We. Had. Fun.

It took him a while to figure out the zoinga boinga, but that boy is determined!

He finally got it.

This was more his pace. He bounced all over the yard. (If I could only bottle that energy...seriously!)

Now I know Heather, this looks bad...but it is a nerf bat he is jumping with...

oh...and a metal bell. But I took that away quickly! (The neighborhood birds, thanked me!)

See. Nice and safe now.

How did we fit that ALL in an hour! Well we are tricky (short attention spanned) sneaky snakes!

Thanks for helping me smell the flowers today kid. I (am exhausted..)I mean I had FUN!