Monday, November 3, 2008

How to Crack a Coconut

These are my two nutty boys. Every time we go to the grocery store, I become the queen of "NO".

No~ You may not get that cereal just because it has a prize you want.

No~ You can not get Vault energy drink like dad (which has like ALOT of caffiene)

No~ You can not get an entire bag of potatoes to make potatoe people out of.

No~ You can NOT get a lottery ticket out of that machine.

No~ You can not buy an entire bag of marshmellows to eat all yourself.

No~ You can not buy sugar gum, silly putty, cap guns, or pop.

So the other day, as they deliciously eyed the coconuts, like it was some kind of gold, and asked the fated question...I said "yes".

Now we don't like coconuts mind you. I actually really dislike coconut. ALOT.
I have just now at the age of 33 started to accept pina colodas. I know my kids don't like it either because every year for my husbands birthday we have German chocolate cake, and they don't like the icing. But I thought, oh well, we can have fun. For $1.99.

The deal was I would get it and let them crack it if they PROMISED they would try a bite. We researched it and this is how you do it.

First you need a hammer, a long nail, a towel, and a coconut.
Then you find the end that has the 3 "eyes" on the end. (That is the weakest part of the coconut)
You gently tap a nail through all 3 holes.

Then you drain the milk inside into a cup. You might have to tap an additional hole in the opposite end so it will drain better. We did.
Then comes the fun part. My boys were drooling with delight by this point. You wrap it up in a towel and bash it with the hammer. (outside is best)
They each took a couple good whacks and...
Whoa la!
Now the milk was not like I thought. I was thinking it would be white. I think I watched to much Gilligan's' Island as a kid. It was clear.
Now came the part that I thought was fun!!! The boys had to keep their end of the deal and try a piece. Who knows they might like it!

It was fun and they have been asking when I am going to put up their coconut post. Too funny!