Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family Pictures

Well, it's that time of year again. It is a love/hate relationship for me doing our family pictures. On one end I LOVE photography and my house is filled with all kinds of pictures. On the other, it is so hard to get a good picture of my family of six without wanting to jump off a bridge! The clothes, the hair, the studio, the money, and most of all.....trying to get a picture of all of us, while making us look somewhat decent!
This photographer actually has an online process that you order from afterwards. I loved that fact, no pressure, just buy what you want. (I still spent a ton though.) The best part was that while viewing them you could email the pictures of your choice to a friend. Oh, and I me!! I emailed every one I liked and now can show my bloggy friends, before they even go to print!
Let me just tell you, I did not buy a single picture of me, because apparently I looked gross that day, and I did not know this until NOW! But "it's all good" because there is a good shot of the 4 kids that I will use for our Christmas card instead of a family one. Another thing I should say is my baby threw a F . I . T. that day, and was very difficult to work with. You can't tell really in these pictures except for the red blotchy face you can see in some.
This was my pick of Matty.

This was my pick for Jake.

This was my pick of Tatum.

And this was my pick of Summer.

Do Not look at those extremely W.I.D.E. hips. (oh that made you look didn't it)?

I love this one of the boys and bought it too!

And this one of Summer. And Hey! My thigh doesn't look that bad does it????

Here is the whole gang. The only, uno, solo,ONE. Not bad, but it didn't take my breath away like the ones last year did. (the picture at the top of my blog by "my family")

Now I've just got to wait for them to come in, and I can start my Christmas cards. Yay!!!