Thursday, November 27, 2008


I am slowly getting ready for Thanksgiving. It is at my house tomorrow. It is so unlike me to not be stressing, but I'm not. I think I am slowly learning to embrace "It is what it is" outlook. I like this feeling much better:)
We have a small extended family, so it will not be big. It really is sad to both Mike and I, and I think that is why we wanted at least 4 kids. I so look forward to busy full holidays with grandbabies, and our children being adults, with hopefully their mates. I want that Walton feel.

We have 4 guests coming, but with the six of us that already makes 10! My mom and her husband, my uncle, and my grandma. I am posting this on Wednesday night, and I having gradually been getting things ready.

One thing that is my signature each year, is I make name places. One year the kids and I made Turkeys with feathers, another year we glued candy canes into like a tripod to hold the name cards, baby pumpkins with the names scrolled across was once, and last year cookies in the shape of gingerbread boys and girls.

This year I found these cute bundles of sticks at Target. They were called "vase fillers". A pack of index card for .89 cents and leaves from my burning bush out front. Too easy and too cute!
This year I give thanks for so many things. But a new addition, is all you bloggy friends! What a fun and happy time I have had meeting all of you. Happy Thanksgiving all!