Friday, November 7, 2008

A Secret Past

Now we all know I have some issues with being OCD. I get involved in things and, well I can really get involved in them (ahem...blogging anyone?). I know I'm being too conspicuous when my mother starts commenting on how much I am doing it. A perfect example the game snake in my phone. Even I knew I had a problem then. It didn't matter how high a score I got, I would immediately start a new game and try to get higher. Or in a better time. I anticipated my chances to play it. I BREATHED snake. It finally passed, and off to something new.
Other examples of when my poor family had to deal with my addictions was reading Twilight. Playing Solitaire on the computer. Smoking.

Well a blast from the past has now shown up. Who knew me and him would ron da vou again. I was only 14....he was middle age. His heritage was from Italy....mine from Germany. I went to Junior High all day...he dealt with turtles and mushrooms all day. I was blond...he had a mustache.


Super Mario Brothers. Do ya remember the 90's?

Honestly my children have had game boys, game cubes, and Wii's. I never cared. Until my son was able to get this old game installed on his Wii.
It was a proud and shining moment, we he realized his mom KICKED ASS on this game. He couldn't believe it!! I couldn't believe after 15 years I still did so darn good! It all came back to me.
Watch out you dang turtles, fireballs, and mushrooms!! Okay have met your match! Bring it on! Who care that the princess is not in this castle. I got more fight in me!

I will admit have played it while he was at school.

I will admit I get tired of waiting for his turn to end.

I will admit I have let things slide a little.

And you better believe that after I finish this post, I am gonna play another round.