Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today is Mama Day!

Once a week my mom make the hour drive to be "In the Trenches" with me. And that she is. She does dishes, changes poopy butts, does peace talks with the boys, and just hangs out with me.
I look forward to this time each week. I love my mom, and it feels so good to be with her.

Well lately, her "days" over here have been consumed with just plain babysitting. She babysat for that Fall Fest I told you about. She babysat for that trip to Columbus I told you about. And boy did she have her hands full. We didn't really get to spend anytime together, so now it has been weeks since we had "our day".

Well, Thursday is going to change that! I have bought the American Girl movie that we both had wanted to see, (we both love stories from the Depression era) and while Summer takes her nap, we are going to have a "girls day IN".

Hope everyone else has a great Thursday.