Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gimmie an "O"...Good Lord!

Well sorry this has taken so long, but the letter I was assigned by Aubrey over at the Fam Five, was "O". I let it soak in and with the help of my oh so smart daughter, we came up with some pretty good ones!

*Old English Sheepdogs

Wasn't this the breed of dog used in the original version of The Shaggy Dog by Disney? It is one of those breeds you admire from afar, because that hair would be so hard to take care of!


This is in Hocking Hills and our family has taken trips up there in the summer. There is a lot of nature, and alot of hiking, and not much more. But we have had awesome times renting a cabin with my mom and brothers family, and roughing it for a week. There are some really neat caves and rocks to check out and alot of stories to go with them. It is believed that in the 1700's a man lived in this cave as a hermit, and his final resting place is in it.



This is one of my favorite months. This is when I had my 1st baby...such memories of that time. Walking in the cool autumn, patiently waiting for her to come. It is when the hot, humid summer is finally giving away to cool nights and there is a smell in the air of leaves and campfires.


I know you think I am scraping by with this one but I do LOVE oats. I eat them almost every morning for breakfast. Bananas, butter, brown sugar, and milk....YUM!

That is when you use opposites to describe something. Love that.

Deafening silence
Forward retreat
Accidentally on Purpose

Little Big Man

**The movie "The Others"

Love, love, love this movie! It is about a woman who thinks her house is haunted. It is set back in the late 1800's. Her and her children are alone in their big house. Her children suffer from the disease where they can't have sunlight touch them, so the curtains have to be pulled all the time or else their skin will blister. Come to find out, she is the dead one having contact with people. Cool twist and makes you think.

** Oprah, Okra, orgasms, Olive Garden, otters, old people, oars, oxen,opera, oak, outside, opium, one....
There are as many as the day is long! I never knew how COOL the letter "O" is!