Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tatum and Chance

This little guy (...ahem..big guy!) is my daughter's baby. As I have told you all before, each of my children will get a kitten during their childhood. 3 down, 1 to go. Anyways, this kitty is Tatum's. His name is Chance. When he was 3 weeks old someone left him in a bucket on the side of the road with his sibling to die. A plumber driving by found them, and took them to our vet at the time. They bottle fed him till he was old enough to survive on his own. They called me, and that's all she wrote!
He just went to the vet the other day because he is having some troubles. He has always been a fat cat...but since we got Abby (Mattys kitten) we have been feeding the cats kitten food. Do you see the problem? Yes, kitten food is very high in calories, and didn't help his already fat fatness. He now weighs 17 pounds!!!
So the poor guy has allergy problems, and tartar and gingivitis that has turned into infection after infection. His lips swell up and he itches so terrible. We had to start him on steroid shots. Which with his weight can lead to diabetes:(
Now the children each have to take responsibility (haha) for their cat. When Pumpkin catches yet another mole or mouse and leaves it as a present at our doorstep, Jake has to get the shovel and clean it up. With Chance he occasionally (I don't want to embarrass him) has trouble getting clean with all his hair and fatness. I think I talked about this on my starfish post.
Well the other day was a doozy. I told Tatum she needed to take care of it because it is her cat. (I must delegate around here or else I would drown!) OH MY GOSH did she throw a fit. She was disgusted by this, and at first refused! Yeah....too bad, so sad!
She about cried, panicked, and thought she might puke (really was not that bad! she is such a girl!) She demanded to wear rubber gloves. This cracked me up, and I had to go get the camera. Then she was mad at me, and I was not allowed to take a picture of her face.
(we all know who that is anyways!)
Needless to say...the cat howled in the tub, and Tatum barely touched him good enough to clean it well. Probably the fact that he got wet, motivated him to lick better. Who knows...I'm not double checking!