Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The City of Ember

For school, Jake has had to read the book "City of Ember". Since he has a slight learning delay on reading, I have to help him finish his reading assignments to keep up with the class. Because of these gentle mandatories, we get to spend some awesome time together. Time that otherwise would probably get lost in laundry, and dishes, and deadlines.
I have always been big on reading to my kids, but as they get older it seems I lose some of that. I also know that I probably never would have picked this book. But now that we have gotten through it together, I can say I really enjoyed it. It is about humankind coming to an end. A town of people were tucked away underground to survive. After centuries, they know no better than this city being their whole world. They have no light from the sun, and no weather. Their resources are failing at this point, and supplies are running low. Is there more out there than what they know?
We took the kids tonight to the Super Saver Theaters (3 bucks a person!!) and watched the movie. Even Summer sat through it with out moving an inch. Matty was a little scared of the the gigantic elephant sized mole that tore through the screen a couple of times....hopefully that won't backlash on us;( We will see tonight at bedtime.